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  1. The Color of Lies
  2. The Color of Lies by C J Lyons
  3. Spotlight: BELOW THE MOON interview + giveaway (International)
  4. A whodunit with a twist: The Color of Lies by CJ Lyons

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The Color of Lies

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Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. I am excited to introduce you to a new YA novel, The Color of Lies , that will have you racing through the pages. As Ella and Alec dig into the past, and explore the growing feelings between them, Ella must decide what shades of truth she can really believe. For more information on the story, and exactly what synesthesia is, I spoke with the author, CJ Lyons.

JA: CJ, nice to see you! What inspired you to write The Color of Lies? CJ: I start all of my books with character. What do they want and why? And of course, being a thriller writer, I focus a lot on what will totally disrupt their life, force them to choose between their greatest desire and what they really need but never even knew. I loved that conflict, the paradox of what we see and believe versus what is real.

The Color of Lies by C J Lyons

And how we deny reality, sacrifice it to our dreams by what we choose to believe … It happens every day in the real world. Just look at the epidemic of fake news posing as reality. Answering that question led to The Color of Lies.

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  4. You may see letters as colors or smell words you read. People with synesthesia experience the world differently, which is not only fascinating, it makes for an intriguing character—especially since we all base our idea of reality on what we see, hear, feel. What was it like to create such different characters?

    And which point of view did you find easier to write? Her wants are simple: to keep her family safe.

    Spotlight: BELOW THE MOON interview + giveaway (International)

    But her dreams go so far past that, to the point where she denies them even to herself. Website Twitter Facebook. A huge thanks to the publisher and Fantastic Flying Book Club for providing me with an ARC of this book, and for letting me be a part of this tour!

    Are you excited to read The Color of Lies? Do you like mysteries? Thanks for reading, dolls! A highly excitable student who runs off tea and heart-felt stories!

    A whodunit with a twist: The Color of Lies by CJ Lyons

    Whenever she's not reading or blogging, you can often find her expressing the great tragedies she face, being five feet and two inches tall. But, for a pessimist, she's pretty optimistic. Good that the writing was beautiful overall. It does sound like it could have been a bit more unpredictable. Great review!

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