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  1. "Dangerous Book for Boys" Series - Garrett Wade
  3. The Challenge of Global Health

What would you say was that career-making story for you? Or do you think you built your reputation more over time and with a consistent body of work? I had approval from my boss, Warren Barker, to say that it might be a serial killing.

"Dangerous Book for Boys" Series - Garrett Wade

I had some advice from veteran police that I knew that it sounded like a serial killer. I knew it would cause a lot of consternation in the community, a lot of alarm. But, at the same time, I thought we had an obligation to let the community know that there could indeed be a serial killer operating, and that there was.

So, we ran that and that caused a lot of news magazines and television networks to attend news conferences that the RCMP were calling every day. On the third day, I think it was, I noticed there was something different about the body language of the superintendent, Bruce Northrup. I knew him very well.


Another body or an arrest? It turned out to be correct. They really disliked Olson because he was smoking cigars and giving his lawyer instructions about how he wanted it done and so on. I would consider that one of my better stories. I started out doing a report for the Bill Good Show in the noon hour. So, they grabbed the phone and hung it up and grabbed my microphone and ripped it out of the cord. And then they forced me into a doorway and smacked me in the in the nose and they broke my jaw. And then I wanted to go back three years later for the verdict in the O.

So it worked out okay though! Many folks may not be aware that you lost a son just as he was starting a radio career of his own.

The Challenge of Global Health

Can you talk about that a little bit? He was hired for a radio station up in Fort St. John, hired as an announcer, then he became a salesman, and then the owner, Gene Daniel, really liked him and he promoted him to manager of that station and the satellite station further north in Fort Nelson. He was doing very well. He was years-old and he and his girlfriend were living in Fort St. John and they decided to go for a celebration of their engagement in early May in The canoe overturned.

Although they were wearing life jackets, Ken died because he got hypothermia. He kept pushing Shelly, his girlfriend, up on the overturned canoe and saved her life. But he died because of hypothermia. Very sad day in my life. For those who have followed your career, George, and you mentioned this earlier, one of your hallmarks is your myriad contacts, your huge contact book.

How did you come to develop those sources? I made friends with a lot of policemen and over the years I got a lot of contacts. Then I followed politicians, right from the time they were on the school board or park board, city council, and up into provincial and federal [politics], got to know them, and I would get their numbers just as a matter of course in dealing with them.

I kept them in what was called a Casio, an electronic thing. I would only give them out if it was really important for somebody I thought I should do a favour for. A fantastic Friday as legendary reporter George Garrett sits in on our editorial meeting news pic. How did you come to come up with that philosophy of sharing tape and extending other courtesies in what, as you said was, especially back then, a cutthroat business? I wound up so late that I missed the whole news conference.

So, I vowed that if I ever got in a situation where I had lots of tape and everybody else is going to get the same thing, if somebody is late why not help them out and give them give them a clip of your tape. Sometimes that worked and sometimes I got help from others too. The book also shows your mischievous side, or your mischievous streak, if you will pardon the pun.

Tell me about the time you interviewed members of a nudist camp in Surrey! Would you like to come in? We slipped out and Garrett locked up.

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Two men in suits gave us puzzled looks but didn't break stride. From London Bridge, Garrett took me on a haphazard walk through the City. He had climbed pretty much every major building we passed. He and other explorers have topped out the Shard four times, the Cheesegrater twice, the Lloyd's Building once "many CCTV cameras, no response" and the Walkie Talkie building multiple times. The Gherkin went up before Garrett arrived in London, to his enduring regret. On the whole, he prefers mid-level structures to skyscrapers: "Something like the Shard has no relationship to the city.

It all seems chilly and lifeless from up there. Seen through his eyes, it is newly porous, full of "vanishing points", "imperfect joinings" and portals — service hatches, padlocked doorways — that you wouldn't usually notice. The usual constraints on urban motion, whether enforced by physical barriers or legal convention, don't restrict him. The city's accessible space extends far down into the earth sewers, bunkers, tunnels and far up into the air skyscrapers, cranes , with the street level only serving as a median altitude.

We stopped at the foot of the Walkie Talkie building, aka 20 Fenchurch Street. If you were staying over tonight, we'd come back here later on. Up on the bin, on to the scaffolding, drop down, and we'd be into the site. From there it's just a case of getting across no man's land, and into the stairwells and the inner core. Then we pelt up 34 flights of stairs to the summit. This'll be the same. The least they could do is make it free.

But they don't — so we take it for free.

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  • Garrett urbexer, academic geographer, blogger is an extremely interesting man. I think he might be among the few genuinely fearless people of my acquaintance. Garrett grew up in California.

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    His research method was extreme and immersive. He spent four years embedded with a group of London-based explorers — "the scribe of the tribe" — as they enjoyed what he now describes as a "golden age" of UE. The book's style is volatile and its stories are extraordinary. It might be imagined as a gonzo road trip rewritten by a committee comprising Margaret Mead, Edward Abbey and Dizzee Rascal. I wouldn't be surprised if film rights have already been optioned. Studding the text are dozens of Garrett's startling photographs. This combination of anecdote, image and exegesis gives the book a distinctive triple-tone that will not be to everyone's taste.

    After a dramatic prologue describing his detention by BTP hauled from a plane at Heathrow while up in first class — Gordon Brown fumed at the delay , Garrett examines the emergence of urbex in the lates, and details his own early forays into the scene. He earns the trust of the explorers who will become his key companions — only ever identified by aliases "Gary", "Patch", "Winch", "Marc Explo" , with whom he learns the ropes and ticks off the London classics: Battersea Power Station, Millennium Mills.

    Many adventures follow. Rumours are investigated. Tip-offs are pursued.

    Garrett and a female explorer called "Rouge" hear about a derelict Soviet submarine floating in the Thames near Rochester: a U Black Widow. They buy a kid's dinghy and paddle out after dark to the submarine. The dinghy nearly sinks, they're almost swept away by the current, then once aboard Rouge is almost knocked out by the sealing wheel of a falling hatch.

    When they do get off the sub it's low tide, and they have to mud-wade to safety.

    One weekend, "Moses" proposes traversing the Forth Road Bridge from north to south: "The plan was mental and everyone loved it. This was, as Garrett puts it, "serious edgework", especially when it begins to rain. Inexplicably, they all make it across. The team head out across Europe, sleeping in derelict motels, scoping out site after site, getting "sleep-deprived, stinky and buzzing".

    Garrett hits America, climbing a Chicago skyscraper in a storm and gaining astonishing images of a city "bathed in black cloud and blue light … with lightning strikes crawling down from the clouds into Lake Michigan". In one jaw-dropping episode in the Mojave desert, he penetrates a "boneyard" of decommissioned aeroplanes, climbing over barbed wire, and then hiding in the landing gear of s and military cargo-carriers while security patrols pass by.

    The intensity of their activity increased "dusk was another dawn" , and the rats inside them grew: "Our thirst for the adrenaline rush of getting away with things became insatiable. Consulting "pre-war Tube maps" and "new worker track maps" they confirm 14 stations as "ghosts": "the crown jewel of the system was Aldwych … the most difficult was going to be the British Museum". Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep in a very comfortable, full-sized bed in both spaces. Cozy up by the fire and read one of the books provided for your enjoyment!

    Each space has it's own coffee bar, is filled with everything you need for your morning coffee and snacks! Relax in the rustic adirondack chairs and enjoy an outdoor fire in the chiminea! Firewood provided. Grab the smore "fixin's" packet that we provide, complimentary, and cook up a few smores over the fire. Both spaces have heat and air to ensure a nice comfortable temperature during your stay. You are tucked in under the trees, so there is often a nice breeze when you open the windows.

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